Premier Logo
Premier Band Logo
I came up with the design in Illustrator while messing with some fonts and I found this free font in my library. I presented them with the font and they liked it a lot. So I decided to create a larger M and base the rest of the characters around that. Once I did that I thought, “Hey, This would look really cool with the M coming from the bottom with 2 parallel lines coming horizontally from the M.” So I created the the lines coming out of the M thus giving it a more modernized rock look. I couldn’t have been happier with the way that turned out.

Once I created the main logo in Illustrator I decided that I wanted to give it the respect of the “Punk / Hardcore” look, thus I brought the logo to Photoshop and began to think of ideas. I brought out my Nikon D60 which works perfect for “Grungy / Distressed” look. I was looking around this house that I’m currently staying at until I get into the new place and this house is old, very old. It has a lot of photographing potential. So I ran with this and went into the basement with old drywall that has been patched together with more drywall and just texture everywhere. So I was looking for a scratch in particular to go across the logo. I couldn’t find any really perfect scratches, so I took it upon myself to pull a penny out of my pocket and scratched the drywall up a bit. There was already tons of scratches so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to much if I made it in a well scratched area.

I took pictures of the scratches and brought them into Photoshop created the black and white textures for it and they looked perfect! I couldn’t have had it be any more perfect. After that, the Premier logo was completed. They were really happy with it as well!