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    Portfolio of environment art and design done by John A. Dobbie of the downtown Philadelphia level for Tony Hawk's Proving Ground videogame.
This promotion screenshot for the Tony Hawk's Proving Ground websiteshows one of the central areas to skate, Love Park. As an EnvironmentLevel Lead, I was responsible for the modeling, texturing, lighting,and weather mapping for two zones of the game. The two zones, Love Parkarea and Liberty Bell Center area, combine to form the DowntownPhiladelphia level of the game.
In this wide shot of Love Park you can see how much the ground textures are broken up with multiple dirt and color passes. I also added more details of dirt and stains into the actual lightmaps which allowed for an even greater level of realism.
Another shot of Love Park. The skaters in the pool give a sense of the scale of the game. In the background you can see City Hall, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell Center, all of which I created as well.
This shot is of the underground parking entrance behind Love Park. I digitally painted and refined the lightmap to break up the wall and make it more interesting with the desired effect.
This is a shot of one of the border buildings of the Love Park zone, One Park Way. Even though this is a city building in reality, I had to slightly change it for legal reasons when creating it for the game.
In this shot you can see the sunken courtyard of Dilworth Plaza, the Moritz Hotel, and Penn Core buildings. Before starting the art process, I would also help prototype design, including this area, since I had become very familiar with the franchise.
In this shot you can see the other half of the Philadelphia Downtown level. I textured, modeled and lit everything in this scene besides the one front corner turret of City Hall and the brown building in the back left (other team members did first pass geometry of those). A unique element comes from the cloth simulation I did to generate the geometry for the tarp that is covering a portion of City Hall. I also helped prototype the design of the area on the right that leads into the subway.
This is a shot of the Liberty Bell Center for the Downtown Philadelphia level. This area was very challenging since its design started to stray from the actual area it was based on in real life. This exemplifies one of the hardest parts of the job, where the sometimes outrageous geometry has to be finished to look plausible, while at the same time highlighting lines for the player to skate.
This promotional screenshot shows the character skating the front bowl of Liberty Bell Center with Independence Hall in the background. The only think I did not model, texture, light etc, is the brown building in the background and the character.