Classical Cocktails - Drinks with a Renaissance Twist
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    Classic drinks served up in a classical setting.
A Bloody Mary just seems more fun with over-the-top garnishes – vegetables and herbs billowing out like a bouquet of flowers. That’s how the idea for Classical Cocktails began. How would an Old Master style a Sangria, or how would Vermeer paint a Lime Ricky?
Bloody Mary
Lime Rickey
I photographed for each value of light so that as we layered the images, we could pull out the highlights and push in the shadows in order to achieve that rich Chiaroscuro brilliance you see in a Golden Age painting.  
To finish the images, the 6-person Retouching team here at Bruton Stroube pitched in to develop the painterly quality of the pieces. Digital Artist Jordan Gaunce reminded me that many Old Master painters would tuck in little personal details, which motivated the bee in the Sangria shot and the dragonfly near the Lime Rickey.
Detail of Lime Rickey, dragonfly added and retouched by digital artist Sierra Myers
Detail of Sangria, bee added and retouched by digital artist Jordan Gaunce
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