Online portfolio websites nowadays are getting too condensed. I was bothered by the question of how I could stand out above the rest. This was a very tough question to answer since each and every designer puts a lot of effort to make their works top-notch.

As the mobile application's era is continuously rising, exponentially, I decided to jump on the bandwagon. I figured, creating my own mobile app for my portfolio might be the best way to advertise my creative skills. It's an added bonus that people nowadays are always carrying smartphones around them. The fact is we never leave our houses without our phones on and it's incredibly easy to pick-up the phone and browse through our apps to look for something.

A light-weight mobile app that's available through most Android Operating System and is user friendly. This app includes all my best multimedia works.

VA Multimedia Works | Mobile Application

The app is designed to be an easy use mobile application. Simplicity is the key. The user interacts with the app through gestures and finger taps. The icons represents the media/medium the work is on. For example, the camera icon represents photography/still works while the film icon is about motion graphics. Most of the pages are viewable through scrolling and some through click/tap events.
VA Multimedia Works | The Works

There is an about page that takes about me, the artist/designer. Also, my forte, Photography can be viewed on the stills page(camera icon). The user can scroll through my photo works through dragging up and down on the screen.
VA Multimedia Works | The Works

The motion graphics tab(film icon) is where the user can view my Demoreel. The user can select which video sharing site they want to view my demoreel on. After clicking an icon, the user is then redirected to the site of their own choosing. Lastly, the interactive page; this is where the user can view all my interactive works -- mobile app/mobile web app/Flash presentation/Director interactive app/presentation.
VA Multimedia Works | Distribution

Currently the app itself is not yet available on Google Play. It is available by request, just send me an email and I will send you an *.apk