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Y E A R                             FW — 16
C L I E N T                        Quanta Records 
P R O J E C T                   αίών / Correspondances

A B O U T 
Quanta Records entrusts Atrois Studio with the artistic direction of the label. 
For its first release, the studio creates the first cover of the artist aiwv (aeon) with his LP “Correspondences”. 

Atrois Studio graphically interprets the duality between the two atmospheres present in this LP to form a complex but balanced whole.

The tracks of the album communicate through similar sounds, noises and rhythmic patterns. 
But while atmospheres diverge, there is a constant exchange from cold and industrial to solar and melodious so as to form a complex and balanced ensemble. 

Aiwv’s has placed randomness at the centre of his creative process. Computing and random programming have allowed the artist to explore new structures and to no longer simply consider a glitch as an error, but rather as a primal source of novel sound. 

The outcome is a collection of sinuous and contemplative Correspondances that aims at contorting the listener’s subjective experience of time on this mini LP that combines experimental techno, ambient and musique concrète elements. 

Thank you for your time. 


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