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Pause 2017 Opening Titles

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//  Pause Fest 2017: Different Perspective
I was so honored to be invited to craft this year's opening titles for Pause Fest. After a month of idea discussion with my friends Somei and Yan Liang, I came across my childhood anime called Digimon Adventure(数码宝贝) and it's opening film inspired me to show the different perspective of an empty city combined with old fashioned programming style and to generate a sense of isolation and loneliness. In this period, I found an amazing indie game called HK Project, in which a cat is walking on the street of Kowloon walled city, I thought that a cat can enhance the feeling of isolation between people and buildings, then I merged it into my concept and kept the visual style clean rather than making it sci-fi. The whole project took me 4 months from start to finish, including almost 20 days of rendering. Also, this was a big challenge for me to make a film-like opening that requires lots of modeling and compositing works. I bought some 3D assets from Archmodels, such as cars, bicycles and chairs, but the majority of modeling works were done by myself. Everything was made in Cinema 4D with Octane Render and little color correction in AfterEffects. Thanks to George for helping me with buying Cat's animation from Turbosquid. A big thank to Echoic Audio for joining with me from the beginning of this project and produced the beautiful soundtrack and amazing sound design! (The project isn't commercial project, if you want to use the content, please contact me in advance)

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Mood References : Digimon, HK Project, Ghost in the Shell, The Matrix, Blade Runner
3D Resources : Poliigon / Archmodels / Turbosquid 

Credits :
Event : Pause 
Producer / Designer / Animator : zaoeyo (Xiaolin Zeng)
Music & Sound : EchoicAudio
Special Thanks : George Hedon, Somei Sun, Yan Liang, Yuan Wang, XiangDong Cao, Lewis Orton and Mark Chang
Produced at BeautyofScience (Render Machine and resources support)

Opening Titles  (Full screen with highest quality and headphones)

Behind the Scenes  (Music from "American Beauty" composed by Thomas Newman)

Poster - Mist
Variation - Red
 Poster - Neon
Variation - Quiet
Posters - Digital (models are from 3D assets)

> The idea of title design is from city metro system. 
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Cities are kind of computer programs in the human world

Pause 2017 Opening Titles

Pause 2017 Opening Titles