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    Collaborative project working with Lisa Barlow to create material for the Manchester Modernist Society's 'Campus' event at UMIST.
Working with The Manchester Modernist Society on their CAMPUS project where they intended to unofficially declare the UMIST Campus a conservation area and to generally celebrate the Modernist architecture synonymous with the site. 
Collaborative project with Lisa Barlow, where we worked alongside The Manchester Modernist Society to create material for the CAMPUS event. The day included giving out Modernist degrees to donators, walking tours around the campus where we planted Modernist plaques at some of the buildings and attaching customised crime scene tape.

Between us, we worked on a UMIST map, commemorative concrete badges and the plaques that were planted to celebrate each individual building.

More details of the event can be found here.
UMIST Campus logo design
UMIST Campus map
Concrete badges with the modernised UMIST logo
Celebratory Plaques