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    Black and white original photographs taken in Paris, in well known and unknown sites, between 1982 and January 2012 included.
Paris et Moi
A selection of black and white images 
En Anglais, suivi du texte français .In English ,followed by French text.
I am French and lived and worked in Paris from 1981 to 2005. I took up photography ( darkroom and all ) around 1983 I think ? The little dog peeing on the statue is my first image of Paris. Aside from that one, the photos here follow no particular order.A few of the people portrayed are close to me

I moved to the UK with very few possessions, including my darkroom that I went on to sell to make the switch to digital. I scan my negatives to edit them digitally. I edit them and my digital files with care but sometimes am content to be sketchy. As for dust on negatives, I don't have access to a drum scanner nor do I wet mount my negatives. I spot them to a point when they are for the web and only finish spotting when getting ready to print. I will look into photographing my negatives as an alternative to  scanning them.

Je suis françois et j'ai vécu et travaillé à Paris de 1981 à 2005. J'ai commencé à pratiquer la photo ( labo noir et blanc et tout) aux alentours de 1983...je crois ?
Le petit chien qui pisse sur la statue est ma première photo de Paris. A part celle-ci, les autres photos ne sont pas présentées dans un ordre particulier. Parmi les personnes sur les photos, certaines sont très proches de moi.
Je suis venu au RU avec très peu d'affaires, dont mon labo photo que j'ai vendu pour financer mon matériel numérique. Je scanne mes négatifs pour les travailler numériquement. Je les travaille, ainsi que les négatifs/fichiers numériques, avec soins mais me contente parfois de résultats esquissés. Et pour ce qui est de la poussière sur les négatifs, je n'ai pas accès à un scanner à tambour ni ne les monte mouillées .Je repique les poussières jusqu'à un certain point quand les photos sont destinées au WEB et plus méthodiquement lorsque je me décide enfin à les imprimer. Je vais explorer la possibilité de photographier les négatifs plutôt que de les scanner.
Jardin des Tuileries , early eighties  . 
Jardin des Tuileries, around 2010, temporary exhib
Jardin des Tuileries, modern walk through sculpture. Mid 80s ? I had the pleasure of walking through this sculpture again in January 2009 ...
Tuileries , summer 2005. The last roll of film I processed myself...
Tuileries 2005, last roll of film.
F Tuileries on 35mm film. Mid 80s
 near Strasbourg St-Denis, film early 80s
Food market, just near Barbès. Taken with a little Minox on "black and white  colour processed film"
And next two images, Tuileries Pique-Nique, 2009 digital.  I rarely take street photos with a telephoto lens and made myself very visible so as not to steal these images. 
Pont de Tolbiac, film early 80s. This bridge no longer exists.
Lovely man allowed me to snap his portrait, film early 80s. I rarely ask for such a favour.
Lovely lady, allowed me to snap her portrait.
Joseph, Jardin du Luxembourg early 80s
Jardin du Luxembourg, early 80s
Notre Dame bien sûr ! 2009 Digital .
Jardin du Palais Royal, M 1993 , roll fim.
M Jardin du Palais Royal
Les Halles 2009
Les Halles 2009
Open air swimming pool, rue david d'angers. Roll film, early 90s
Parc André Citroën, mid 90s roll film.
Bercy 2012 dgital ( fuji x100 )
Métro St-Michel 2009
Paris Plage 2008
Beaubourg, digital
J  Pont Neuf , Digital with flash.
M reclaims Jeanne d'Arc as a symbol of Liberté , Egalité, Fraternité. 2009
Cour carrée du Louvre, January 2012. As this group of young men walked by me, one of them stated that all the photos of Paris had already been taken and that all of the photographers snapping away in the Cour  were wasting their time. Since he said it to be heard I chased after them and begged them to help me make an original picture by posing for me. A mixture of charm and challenge won them over for a brief instant. They have never gotten in touch.
La Bibliothèque Nationale. I'd never had a wander around it till the need to kill a few hours in the neighbourhood arose.On this trip I Ihad restricted my self to y little fixed lens fuji. 
Bibliothèque Nationale, no comment...fuji x100
Bercy, Ministère des Finances..2012.
O Place Vendôme. 2009 digital. A friend who needed a few images for  his portfolio.
Jackie, film 2005
Colonnes de Buren, digital , deformed in Photoshop.  2010 ?
Place de la nation, May 2002. Peaceful demonstration to bar the way to the extreme right candidate in the second round of the presidential election. Actually taken on colour film and very badly processed.