School project. A futuristic concept of a virtual memory
I've created this project out of the feeling that in such era, where a large part of our relationships takes place in the digital world, it is very easy to forget and lose our memories with the flood of information these memories are surrounded by.
Today, our memories are scattered through social networks, emails, digital diaries, text messages, smartphones, online and offline activities, we communicate with people through phones, messaging, chats, skype, facebook, twitter, etc.

Viser is a concept, for a future system that is aimed at recording and sorting all these activities, and serve as a storage for our virtual memories.

- no need in filling the content  into the system, as it collects the data the user already submitted to different           platforms.
- it sorts out our memories for connections and relationships we've had (with people, at work) on separate             timelines with milestones in the relationship.
- it can recognize behavioral patterns, and sometimes alert us when we are about to repeat an old problematic    pattern, before we do so

the system is personal, and the interaction with it is made by voice and hand gestures.