Rub & See is part of PLAY!, an interactive installation sponsored by the Pratt ComD department and created with the notion that some of the best ideas in any design project come when you’re playing around, making mistakes, or working on something entirely unrelated to the project at hand. It's part of a series of invented games that would seek this type of interaction from Grad ComD students.

I designed Rub & See to be a whimsical game with the goal of testing and improving typeface recognition skills. For this piece, I used 59 of the most popular and widely used classic fonts and hid the the typeface info (and the year of creation for that specific typeface)under a layer of thermochromic ink. This is a special kind of ink that is sensitive to heat and will become transparent at a specified temperature. When rubbed around any of the glyphs, the black ink disappears, revealing the typeface info. Once the heat is gone, the typeface is slowly covered again by the ink. This piece has a chalky black board look to it which I really like. Creating it involved a lot of experimentation.
 Silkscreen w/thermochromic ink on paper board, 60''40''