Space by Łukasz Bartoszcze

Before You a collection of my poems.
The first who decided to publish.
My perspective on reality. Love, hate, something in between. Space, Earth, heaven and hell. Everything is intertwined into one.
All proceeds from the sale goes to charity, of course.
                                                                                        ~Łukasz Bartoszcze
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The cover is a direct reference to the cosmos.  You can see the shapes that are hidden in the background. Each of us can be an astronaut. Each of us can find their own space. Pastel colors, scattered letters, make up the atmosphere of this cover.
Each illustration shows a separate story. Each illustration, I refer to the history of a given row. However, each illustration has a common element.

All Illustrations

P a s O r i o n a / O r i o n ' s B e l t

T e s t T u r i n g a /  T u r i n g T e s t

Z m y w a r k a / D i s h w a s h e r

P i e l g r z y m / P i l g r i m

Thanks for watching !
                           ~ Michał