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    New visual identity for SPD Scuola Dolitecnica di Design
The roots of the new corporate identity are all in the tradition of the first Italian school of design and communication.
Its authority and concreteness from now on are going to be embodied only by the 3 letters SPD, verbal synthesis of the Scuola Politecnica di Design, whilst the historical logo, designed by the founder Nino Salvatore, will remain as the quality seal to the more institutional documents.

The concept at the foundation of the project see the School as a place and way. The place where different people, visions and cultures can freely mix in new shapes and languages. The way in which talent shapes into reality thanks to teaching methodologies of proven excellence.

The same values have inspired the design of the logotype, which started with the analysis of the most established 100 fonts in the international landscape. A second step lead to the identification of the fonts sans serif closer to the SPD philosophy. From the overlap of the first 15 it has become apparent the common denominator of the new typography. A new trait as versatile in communicating the School, as rigorous in its construction. Capable of resisting over time and, to leave room to the legacy of the formative hub. A lettering robust but discrete, capable of accommodating the students’ creativity without overtaking it.

The new logotype SPD is the result of a continuous subtraction of the superfluous, an equation reduced to the bear minimum, to clearer and more memorable terms. The same concept discussed by Bruno Munari: “ taking away instead of adding means recognizing the essence of things and represent them in their essentiality. This process brings away from time and fashions”

The project has been further developed in the project of the institutional brochure and of the whole promotional material.
We treated a grid which allow to characterize in a personal way the artifacts within a space defined by geometrical rules. It can be used both as a reference grid to create the communication tools and as a visible element with which is possible to interact, allowing everyone to personalize the promotional material of the SPD expressing oneself as a designer.