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    TT Walls — eco-friendly style fontfamily with contemporary motives!

What do you use to write a price tag at a store or to design a wall menu in a cafe? What to choose – a marker or chalk? Now it makes no more sense to be torn apart 
by the choice – use both techniques for your design. 
TT Walls fontfamily allows to perfectly combine an eco-friendly style with contemporary motives. TT Walls fontfamily supports over 70 languages and consists of 10 typefaces in 5 popular weights (Thin, Light, Regular, Bold, Black).
Initially we wanted to create a font that would imitate an inscription made by a square tip marker which is usually used to write price tags at supermarkets, shops and cafes. During the working process we've decided to extend the conceptual boundaries 
of the TT Walls fontfamily and added 5 rough typefaces that imitate the style 
of ecologic chalk writing.