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    Visual Merchandising for the lifestyle brand, Rumi & Kohl's, pop-art shop.
Visual Merchandising - Rumi & Kohl
Shop Display ~ Interior Decoration ~ Merchandising
Visual merchandising for the lifestyle brand, Rumi and Kohl.  This project is for the short-term Rumi & Kohl pop-art shop in PUBLIKA, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 
In a world where cultural heritage and values are taking a back seat, Rumi & Kohl brings back splendor to the forefront of today’s modern contemporaries in its Home Décor and Fashion boutique. Inspired by various cultures with Islamic imprints, an eclectic fusion of traditional, ethnic tapestries, jewelries and furnishings are re-defined to today’s chic and elegant product range with essence. A testament to the utmost appreciation of universal values, culture, history, ethnicity and lifestyle, Rumi & Kohl aims to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary design. The brand hopes to leave customers enriched with nostalgia for cultural aesthetics and wisdom.
Photography: Ichal Orthos