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    Best Hunting Binoculars Reviews

If you are thinking of buying a new pair of binoculars for your birdwatching, it will pay you to take a little time to try several pairs to see which suit you personally. The best deals are usually found online, so a good tactic is to visit your local high street dealer and test your choices, then go online and hunt down the best deal.

The best binoculars for deer hunting will be different from binoculars that are used for other pursuits in several ways. As birds are mostly found in dark tree canopys, birding binoculars need to have a large diameter objective lens to allow in sufficient light.
How is the objective lens measured?
There are 2 numbers on every pair of binoculars that will help to determine how effective they will be for birdwatching. The first number is the magnification. So in a pair of binoculars marked as 8 X 25, the 8 means that the object being viewed will be 8 times larger than if viewed with the naked eye. The 25 is is the objective lens diameter in millimetres. 
The objective lens is the lens on the big end! 
So the larger the this lens diameter, the more light will enter the binoculars, and so the brighter the image.
So now when choosing the best birding binoculars you know that a large second number is good.
42, 48, or 50 millimetre lenses are ideal.
Regarding magnification, X 8 is usually sufficient for birdwatching, as larger magnifications will make it very difficult to pick out a small bird in a large tree.
Eye cups are also very important to consider. If you spend a lot of time birdwatching, you need eye pieces that are easy to manipulate and adjust.The twist out type are generally considered the best, but these aren't found on discount models. The cost is certainly money well spent, as your bird spotting will be much more enjoyable if done in comfort.