20th Season Posters
20th Anniversary Primary Icon
Used for various collateral including posters, brochures and lapel pins.

20th Anniversary Lapel Pin
20th Anniversary business cards and brochure
Secondary 20th Anniversary Icon used on commemorative t-shirt.
20th Anniversary T-Shirt
The 20th Anniversary project was huge. The poster idea began as you see above only I wanted to use actual actors standing in for the part of the jester. Once I sent them a draft they fell in love with the simplicity of the illustration, easy for me! I just wanted the three shows to look completely uniform and work as a tri-force of power as it were. The icon for the t-shirt begins a journey which in 2013 has resulted in the redesign of the Factory's entire identity (see my Street Justice poster). The jester is 20 years old and I thought after this season it's time to make a change. Still love that jester though, glad I salvaged him in part.