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    Wall Murals for Exhibit of Mayan Ruins at the Royal Ontario Museum. Represented by Three In A Box.
Royal Ontario Museum
Mayan Ruins - Hochob Temple
Wall Mural 15' x 35'

Re-creation of the Mayan Ruins Hochob Temple, used as the entrance way to an exhibit about the Mayan Ruins. Final size 15' x 35'
Illustrated using digital paint and drawing tablet.

Because of the large size of the working files this illustration needed to be done in sections, and then assembled as one piece.
Using existing drawings and photos of a full size replica, the shapes were created in vector lines on many layers and then exported to photoshop to be painted with digital pen and tablet.
Mayan Ruins - Temple of InscriptionsWall Mural 14' x 33'
The Temple of Inscriptions was created from photo reference and measurements of the structure and piers (relief sculptures of the figures). The style was intended to look clean and new, as it was when first built and inhabited.
Final SIze - 14 ft. x 33 ft.
Mayan Ruins - Palace House A
Wall Mural 14' x 61'
Lighting was important in creating spacial depth, to give people a sense of being able to walk through.
With such a large size for final printing, the building itself as well as each pier had to be built as individual illustrations and then assembled together and further light and shadow applied.
Final Size - 14 ft. x 61 ft.
The piers were created with vector lines based on photo reference of the original as well as other technical drawings of the pier. The vector lines were then imported into Photoshop and rendered with digital pen and ink.