The Lorica
a graphic novel in progress
What follows are two covers and various short page sequences from my graduate thesis- a 265 page graphic novel titled The Lorica. The work begins as a genre piece couched in the language of detective andthriller fiction, and moves to address cultural ideas of sexuality, isolation, religious guilt and violence against women through a narrative about a gay law enforcement officer named Cleo.

Cleorecounts, through a series of flashbacks, moments from her past as she fightsfor her life while being strangled by a suspect. The narrative is construedthrough myriad religious, literary and psychological iconographies that carryalong the course of the novel and are drawn from Cleo’s persona andexperiences. These are realized during the latter half of the story through the elements of: a confrontational discussion with an angelnamed Poteh, an immense chimerical space referenced from church architecturethat is a literal representation of a mnemonic deviceknown as a memory palace, and a repeated quote from an early Christian monasticpoem used as a means for parsing time within the story structure.
Cover for Chapter One (titled section 5)
Cover for Chapter Two (titled section 4)
pages 20 and 21
page 22
page 23
pages 24 and 25
detail, page 24
detail, page 25
page 39
pages 44 and 45
detail 1, pages 44 and 45
detail 2, pages 44 and 45
page 69
page 73
page 87
page 88
page 89
page 90
page 91
page 177
page 180
The Lorica

The Lorica

Sample pages and covers from a 265 page graphic novel.