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My Role
UI/UX Designer

The Project Brief
Instashop is a fictitious grocery franchise based in the United States. Although their customer satisfaction ratings have remained relatively constant over the last 4 years, their market shares have been decreasing by 8% each year. 

Through market and user research they’ve determined that this decline is most likely due to the increase in online grocery ordering & delivery products, like Fresh Direct and Good Eggs.
My first course of action was to uncover grocery shopping and online shopping behaviors of target customers. Through observations, interviews, and surveys I was able to gather data to understand the problem space and identify a primary persona.

I wanted to know how others were attempting to solve the problem, so I performed a competitive analysis. This process gave me great insight as to what a MVP could look like and ideas for how I could differentiate the product.​​​​​​​
Interaction Design
Armed with insights from the discovery process, I first designed a card sort to discover how users organized grocery items into categories. From this exercise I built a sitemap for the website.
Using the sitemap as a foundation. I sketched out a user flow to help me think through the process as a whole and to ensure I didn't forget to include any features in the final design.

From here I mocked up some wireframes in sketch, both for desktop and for mobile. I used the sitemap and user flow to identify key screens to design first and went from there.
Using these wireframes, I put together a prototype using Invision and performed some usability tests. From these usability tests, I created an empathy map to help synthesize finings and guide the hi-fidelity design.
Visual Design
Leaning upon everything I had learned in the previous phases, I created a logo, style guide, UI kit and hi-fidelity mockups. 

Since Instashop' s market has disposable income I decided to give the brand a more high-end look and feel. 

Most other online grocery stores use green, orange, and brown to brand their products and for good reason. After seeing this pattern I felt that using a primary color of purple would really set the brand apart.

Hi-fi Mockups of the landing page in desktop, tablet and mobile.
Well, thats it. Thanks for viewing!