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    External attachable HD video camera for iPhone and iPod to be used in any kind of outdoor or indoor activity.
iSight Go
iPhone Plug-In Subjective Camera
YEAR: 2009

GOAL: Design a product that could enhance the iPhone and iPod video recording capabilities.

SOLUTION: Design an external attachable HD video camera for iPhone and iPod to be used in any kind of outdoor or indoor activity.
Based upon research of existing products, analyzing in-use complexity and market position in amateur and professional products mainly focused on sport activities, I discovered an opportunity niche for an easier to use camera that could leverage existing iPhone and new iPod nano video capabilities such as battery and memory, while adding removable lenses and GPS functionalities for different applications. Consumer profile analysis helped me to better understand wider uses for the camera and the importance of its simplicity of use for broader audience needs.
This combination of mind maps, brainstorming sketches and sources of inspiration were used to achieve the initial relational framework and to prioritize ideas. Exploration of different uses relating the camera to other objects, devices, and interactions with online applications such as Google Maps, directed me towards further sketches refining and highlighting simplicity of use reflected in form.
IDEATION sketches
Some ideation sketches exploring different form possibilities, and mount mechanisms. The mounting system is crucial to provide new subjective angle options to users, so they can better apply their creativity when video recording. I focused on the premise of a one-button operation camera (play, pause, I/O) with optional remote control to cover more situations. Also, by using iPod and iPhone battery, memory, and software synergies, the size would be reduced compared to competitors.
Concept refinement done in Illustrator shows the simplicity of use and form. The camera is easily operated from one big button that can be pressed even when wearing thick gloves. It includes mounts to attach the camera to different surfaces and objects (suction cup, roll bar, handlebar, strap for pets, and helmet straps). The camera is made of rugged polycarbonate and it is waterproof. It can be operated: 1) Directly from iPod or iPhone, 2) from embedded remote on cable (this mechanism serves also to roll unneeded cable parts), 3) from standard Apple remote (camera integrates IR receiver).
iPhone’s built-in GPS functionality together with the iSight Go iPhone application records your tracks to be later reviewed, compared, and shared online easily with your friends.