The "PaperBoat" project is based on the visual representation of the migration of people looking for a better future. In the specific case, a migration by sea.

The peculiarity of this project is the "paper boat", concretely built with about 70 meters of plotters paper, the true soul of the concept.

The boat name lettering (4IL4N) was written by a little girl who is the same age as the young AILAN, the baby found dead on a beach after a shipwreck a few months ago and it’s a link with that tragic event. The boat “crew” consists of women only, one of them is pregnant; there’s just one girl that is out of the boat, like a ferryman, and mentioning the deceased child. Every woman clings to another one asking for help, the only one being peaceful is the little girl who holds the boat rope and is aware of what will happen.

A branded logo has been designed, a photo-shoot was prepared, while a camera was shooting a video of the entire work in progress of the event, that required a whole day, organizing every aspect of the entire visual experience and involving many people.

Later, a metaphorical message was expressed in the poster, which expresses the concept and idea that the weakest part of the migrant people is actually the strongest one, the future…