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    Early explorations in brand and product design for Polaroid.
From January–March 2016, I had the opportunity to help out on the new global Polaroid brand, direction and finally focus around what has now evolved into the Polaroid Swing app. Here is a few selections of explorations, concepts and refinements I worked on with to help move the needle. Some designs hit, some missed, some never saw the light of day and others helped confirm the direction was in the opposite direction ;) Admittedly, there is a lot of talented people that contributed to the whole, so these are simply the ones I can say I had a hand in and helped out with. 
For the global brand an early focus was on the exploration in merging the original premium feel of Polaroids history and heritage. An evolution of their rainbow flag into the modern motion and interaction of today. A focus on bringing the static photo to life through touch much like the zoetropes of more than a hundred years back. 

The following application of brand, at the time, was further developed by Cole Rise, especially the type-mark—which is beautiful. Prior to evolving to the "Swing" sub-brand—all those improvements came after my time and was great to see come to life, after launch, for me personally.
The initial teaser sites were focused on the frame of capturing motion. Below are concepts incorporating video where the process of signing up inadvertently captures a moment in time.
A lot of my time in those few months was mainly focused on the team, strategy and systemising the design in order to remove road-blocks in preparation for launch. A lot of time was spent already plussing the heavy lifting done by Cole Rise who lead the design of the app. 

More time was spent on implementing processes, documenting and supporting the engineers but that isn't why we come to behance is it? So, below are some of the refinements, enhancements and explorations I helped out with on top of an already solid app. Below are focused on the UI, UX and interaction explorations within the app.

And, this is where we come to a close but not an end.
In the following months the team have evolved, bettered and enhanced the app. Which is now live and ready for download.
On behalf of the Polaroid team I present you...
Logo Credit (above): Cole Rise. Polaroid Credit (in app): Esme Benjamin