Song: Strangeland
Artist: Keane

“The sweetest thoughts get twisted in the Strangeland”
The song Strangeland is a ballad, written by Tim Rice Oxley from the band Keane, which is on their latest album by the same name. The lyrics of the songs are melancholic which talks about how love makes one feel out of this world and everything looks perfect. The lovers creates a bubble around themselves and think that they have reached their utopia but sometimes, things do not turn the way you want them to be and when that bubble bursts, one realises that not everything is perfect in that ‘Strangeland’ that one has created.
This video was done as promo of the music video with a part of the song for an assignment for Illustration course. The video stills narrate the story from a girl’s point of view, where she is looking back at her utopia that she had created. She revisits her Strangeland and realises that it looks beautiful from the outside but in reality it is dark, deep and sinister. The octopus is a representation of her agony and pain which engulfs her and takes her down to the bottom of her own 'Strangeland'.