Outdoor Fireplace And Benches 
Built in a July 2012 workshop in Bernecebaráti, Hungary.
with Lilla Hollósi, Anna Piedl, Zoltán Nádasdi
The proposal of an outdoor fireplace as a cycle route 'station' came as a result of local demands and a plan to invigorate cycling as a form of rural tourism in the surrounding villages.
It ought to be situated on a plain besides a crook at the place where the village meets the forest route leading to the other side of the mount.
The objects consist of several benches of variable sises and a worktable made out of thick ash timber prisms sized 300/300/3m and 400/400/3m, supported by pre-welded stands made from old rail track steel. A fireplace, as a small pit in the ground is framed using local stones.
During its realisation the position of the benches got adjusted to the changed location.

About the workshop, featuring all the interventions made by students in Bernecebaráti and Ipolyvisk: