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    Our annual ski trip poster. This is the closest realization of what I wanted to do, and what I ended up finishing.
Nothing too fancy here.  Every year since 2006, two friends and I have run an annual ski and snowboard trip.  We call it the GAFH, short for Gnome Away From Home.  Initially, since we all had very diverse group of friends, we decided on a gimmick that would bring the bus together.  Thus the idea that 5 - 7 'captains' would 'acquire' garden gnomes, by which members of the bus would untie under, thus forming teams.  From here we made up many team challenges for the duration of the trip.  Since then, the trip has kind of become this self sustaining yearly event for many involved.  Several people have come every single year and now bring their own circles of friends along for the ride.  This poster displays some of the more prominent people that have been apart of the trip since it began.
Our initial idea was to do a trip where we wouldn't have to do any work, because we had a bus load of friends.  What we found out, however, was that this trip was the most work out of any of the trips we did on a yearly basis.  But, it was also the most fun.  So this year we decided on the slogan, "All About Us", and extended it out to those who have contributed to the trip over the years.   
Of course, in the far far background, is the trip's mascot 'G'.  During the first hour, of the first pre-trip party, G was smashed to pieces.  It took me several hours to glue him back together.  We then filled him with expanding insulation foam, and he's been pretty sturdy ever since. 
All the photos I used for this project were taken off of facebook and were low resolution.  The initial concept took me about an hour, then about another to to polish everything, find a font I liked, and get it to how it currently looks.  Easily one of the more enjoyable Photoshop projects I've ever decided to do. 

Please let me know what you think.