LAYER / 2016

Beam projector package

A portable beam projector (set) that includes a set of components needed to use the beam projector
- Beam projector, storage closet, speaker

- there is an increasing number of people in their 20s and 30s who enjoy picnics or camping at Han-river or city parks.
  Rather than going on long-hour travelling or vacation, they prefer light weekend picnics. 
  (Popularity of light weekend picnics is growing   compared than longer travel or vacation.)
  There's a new "picnic-er" culture rising among them as they read books on the grass, and have a beer in the refreshing night breeze.

Here I tried to show you the figure of a lunch box which boxes up different food into one pack,
as this one binds up different functioning products into one set.

There are four kinds of color
boby color / everest blue, warm gray, lilac, indipink
band color / gray, orange, dip mint gray, warm gray

2016.08.26 - 31  10st axis exhibition Hanyang Univ.