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    Stained Glass style compositions inspired by the Legend of Zelda Series
Legend of Zelda Sages Stained Glass
Client :: Personal Project 
Date :: Ongoing

This is a just a small piece of an ongoing project I have been working on for far too long. 
The designs and colors are mainly inspired by the stained glass images in the sunken Hyrule Temple in the Wind Waker, but updated a little bit to suit the style of the very detailed final project. 
Darunia, Ruto, Nabooru, and Rauru are all pretty close to the originals 
while Saria, Impa, and Ganon go further to improve on the design. 
The designs for Makar and Medlii are created by Joshua Biron and used with his permission (thank you!)
Midna is of my own creation, although I'd be lying if I said this didn't inspire the color scheme.

I wanted to also make the outlines available to those who would like to use them as coloring pages:
My favorite is probably how Impa's window turned out. 
The original design is as about as clunky as her N64 incarnation, but I wanted to keep the positioning true to the original window while also allowing the option of the color scheme and character design of my favorite Impa iteration 
(Skyward Sword, even if that gameplay was straight garbage) 
I enjoy how flexible the color can be without the lines being terribly distracting.
Hopefully one day I will be able to post the entire project when it's finally finished, until then, you can see previews of it (with old versions of the sages) at my dribbble.

Thank you