Graphic Design VI: Spring '12

We design our boards with a focus on what they are and what they are not. What they are is a piece of art.
What else are they?   They are the wood, fiberglass, plastic and metal that get you from the top of the mountain to be bottom. That plank that flys with you through the air, or slides with you down that rail. That being said, they are also that same deck that hangs on your wall, and fills that room with a higher sense of class because you have a piece of fine art adorning your pad.
What aren’t they? They’re not just face value. They’re not just snowboards. But they are a product of the rich history of which they were raised from. They’re meant to be displayed on and off the mountain. Hang it in your living room, office, bathroom...heck, hang it in your gallery. These boards were meant to be showcased, and we hope you are as proud to exhibit them as we are to design them.