Different kinds of men’s underwear
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Though underwear is not seen as it wore inside still some people show interest in choosing designer and stylish underwear.  Generally women tend to use different types of underwear so men commonly think that the designer underwear and different types of underwear are meant for women only so they generally stop with boxers and briefs. But the fact is that there are many different types of underwear for men and they can choose the best that suits for them as per their interest. Usually the categories of men’s underwear are categorized as per the purpose of use.  Men need not use same type of underwear for all purposes because if they explore on online they can find different kinds of underwear types used for parties, office, sports, occasion, summer model, winter model and for other occasions.

If you get to know different kinds of best mens underwear you can select the best that you need according to the purpose of use.

This is often considered as the best choice for men who are active in work and who always use to be busy. This is because briefs are more comfortable for all the occasions especially for those who use to be busy throughout the day but that does not mean that you have to choose only this model. It covers the backside comfortably and the side of the legs and the upper thighs are not covered. It gives testicles support and gives extended flexibility with better comfort.

This is most used type these days and you could have heard that most of men used to talk about latest trunks that have shorter legs and no excessive fabric in it. This will be useful and liked by the men who want try something different yet wanting the same kind of comfort as they get from briefs.

Boxer Briefs
This is better known and chosen by the athletes and sports person and also by different kinds of professionals. It gives them comfort through flexibility and they can play freely without concerning about irritation. No kinds of sticking or chafing will be felt by those who wear this because they can enjoy freeness because of the legs that reaches the half of the thighs. It also places the testicles comfortable and you can wear for daily purpose. 

This is considered as the underwear without support but utmost comfort, because the fitting will be loose. If you wear this you can feel free because of the bag shaped fitting of the underwear. Breathability is more so you will feel comfort and flexibility so this can also be a better choice. 

This is best choice for those who are expecting frontal support because of surgery or any other medical reasons. The testicles will be supported with sack but the buttocks will be left hanging. The butt cheeks will be supported by two strings so this can be also called as pouch underwear.

Choose the model you desire as per the purpose but never miss the quality because it matters with the comfort.