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    MY 25 YEARS OLD WOES - Thesis Design


the age of 25 is a significant stage for girls:
As we age, our skin becomes aging
We are more carefully when we in love
Feel under stressful for work and money etc. we are beautiful and fragile as glass.
Above seem like some big troubles to every normal girl, however, it's just a funny memory for us, after 5 or 10 years. 
So what we gonna do? 
Giving a big smile when we facing this troubles, unwind your mind and enjoy this 25 years old woes, this is the point.
This series of glass works were inspired by my childhood dream. I was so obsessed with Doraemon, a Japanese cartoon character. He has a magic power tool can shrink people to a tiny size and then they can play in an enormous secret world, which blows my imagination mind.
After 15 years, When I have to say goodbye to my youth, it suddenly recalls my childhood dream. So I decide to create my own secret world with this amazing glass. It had stirred my imagination and creation.