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    "How Far Would You Go?" is a campaign created to encourage high school teenagers to start giving blood.
Client: Suncoast Communities Blood Bank
Need: A campaign that would encourage teenagers to begin donating blood at an early age.
Making donors for life.
Slogan/Logo: How Far Would You Go? 
Created: 12 posters with real teenage hero stories and our photos. 1 call-to-action poster. 
1 motion piece with students talking to students.
T-Shirts with slogan/logo on front and blood bank info on back .
Applied: Posters in sets of 4 (3 story posters, 1 call to action poster).
Video in Classrooms, TV, Movie Theater, Web.
T-Shirts received for free upon donation.

9.5" x 27" Posters
T-Shirts given to blood donors directly after donation... 

Front: How Far Would You Go?
Back: To Save A Life
Suncoast Communities Blood Bank

These tees have created a buzz in High Schools because of the "controversial" slogan.