Bubble Gum Ice Cream Coupon.
ChallengePopular ice cream parlor Marble Slab Creamery, wanted to create a promotionfor their new bubble gum ice cream flavour with a very modest budget.
SolutionFocusing in on the idea of bubble gum and where people sometimes dispose oftheir used gum - under desks and chairs. Paper ice cream cones were createdand affixed in areas where one might find chewed gum, such as park benchesand school desks. The top of the paper cone was a coupon for a free bubblegum ice cream cone.
ResultCuriosity was high as cones were placed at parks, shopping malls, collegesand universities. This guerrilla tactic drew smiles from people curiousenough to grab the cone from its fixture and take to a Marble Slab Creameryto redeem a free ice cream cone.