Sketch Dump
Sketch #2: Robin: Boy Wonder
Sketch #2: Sly Cooper
Sketch #3: Zelda
Filter no color

Sketch #3: Zelda Color
Fabel Castell Markers with Filter
Sketch #4 Astro Boy
Faber Castell Markers and Prismacolored markers.
No filter
Sketch #4: Astro Boy
Fabel Castell Markers and Prismacolored markers.
Glen Keane is an animator's work I admire because it is absolutely beautiful.  I shorted this quote of his I found because it would not all fit on this page I made for the calendar project I am currently doing for my parents Christmas gift. The original image that was her was just the drawing of Ariel. 
Sketch #8: TMNT Leonardo.
Sektch no color.
1/4 TMNT Characters....
Sketch 13: Andy Griffith.
In honor of Andy's death that day. 
Sketch 14: Captain America
For the Fourth of July.

Sketch 15: Ed, Edd, N Eddy
Miss this show :)
Sketch 16: Stitch.
Make up Sketch for 7/6/12
One of my top favorite Disney Characters.
Sketch 18: Lyra from The Golden Compass books by Philip Pullman
I saw the book on my shelf and wanted to re-read all three books this summer and they've been a favorite series of mine since I was little. I also felt like drawing Lyra today, little bit due to wanting to taking on the challenge of re-reading the books :)
Sketch 20: Spider-Man
I know his neck looks weird, but it's been ages since I've drawn him or any super hero character.
Wednesdays doodle number 21 is my parents anniversary I'll upload it once it's done because my parents look on here now and then too see what new work I'm doing.
Sketch 21: Marty McFly.
After drawing him I want to watch the first movie. But sadly I don't think we have it.
Sketch 22: Bolin
I want the new season of Korra to start!! D:
I drew him because I have a similar personality I guess? Plus I just really like his character :D
Sketch 23:Carl and Ellie
The drawing for the date in between these two drawings was a gift for my parents and I didn't really want to put it up here on my portfolio here on Behance.
But after talking to a friend last week about UP! I wanted to draw Carl and Ellie :)  
Sketch 26: Spinelli 
I miss watching Recess!!!
Sketch 28:  Ghostbusters.
Sketch 30: Artist: Brittney Lee.
She is one of my favorite artists and has made it on to my people of influence list I guess you could call it with authors, actors, and artist alike...... so I decided to draw her in my style tonight after looking at her blog.
One of my friend's showed me her art work last year and since then I go back to her blog now and then to see what she's been up to. If I have one of those days where I don't know what to draw I look at her art work along with Glen Keane, Bandcroft Brothre's, and some others that I follow on Deviant
Sorry I haven't uploaded any thing in a while!! I was sick this past weekend and wasn't able to do any drawing and now I've been trying to get my grandma's birthday present completed for her birthday today so I've been pretty busy with other projects.....

For the daily doodle challenge I will still do a doodle each day if I have the time. So I'm going to post a few doodles I've done this week.
Sketch 31: Father Figure...

This is one of many father figure designs I have made for my friend's senior film he is making at SCAD called Cased. The final will be posted once I am able to get back to working on more character designs for this character.
Sketch 32: My Grandma
This was a sketch I did of her for her birthday today.  It's my more "realistic" cartoony style. Couldn't get her to look like her yet in my cartoony style....I will eventually though. 
Sketch 32: My Grandma.

Just a colored version of the picture. My dad used brown wrapping paper for her present and wanted me to doodle something on it so this was one of the images on the wrapping paper.
Sketch 33: Sticky Note Smiley Face....

Wanted to draw a something on a sticky note....this was the end result....might be some more of these popping up here and there....
Sketch 36: Monster Pet Thingy.
drew this as a warm up to get into working on my grandma's painting. Still designing him and working on the name of the creature....
Sketch 36: Basketball Boy

Hey! I'm back to doodling daily doodles!! It took a while to get back into drawing with so many other projects to get done around the house before I left and other family stuff as well as moving back down here to SCAD!! 

If things get busy again I may just choose to do a doodle once a week or every other day :D
Claudia Donovan from Warehouse 13.
Was watching one of the last episodes and wanted to doodle Claudia. She absolutely steels the show! Great cast :)
Warehouse 13: Claudia Donovan.
This show is amazing! So I sat down and drew my favorite actress on the show Allison as Claudia.
This is the colored version.
Wicked: Elphaba.
I was listening to popular while waiting for homework to finish rendering in Maya and decided to doodle Elphaba. 
Harley Quinn. 
One of my favorite comic book villains. I used different versions of past Harley Quinn's that I liked and put them together to make my own or tried to any way.
Still coming up with a better name for him. He is one of my recent new super hero characters.
If I even animate him I may ditch the cape....
Jet and Emma.
They are super hero siblings. (Twins) They were previously arguing over something or other so I doodled this pose. It was a quick warm up for the day.
First drawing of Emma.
Twin sister of Jet.
So far they both have electricity as a power and she can fly but Jet has to use a Jet pack which is why I am trying to figure out a new name for him.
still trying to come up with a story for the two. But for now I just use them to draw out mini-comics of funny things that happen around the house for practice for my 2-D Production class next quarter.
New Character Zeek.
Don't mind the caption on the doodle....that's an inside joke during finals week with a friend haha. I 
My friend Adam acting like a fire truck during finals week.
Just a kid in a Woody costume :)
A doodle I am working on for my cousin :) 
Practicing shapes with fairy tale characters.
Influence by Norman Rockwell :) 
Second Christmas doodle this month. 
Doodle of my mom :)
Doodle of my dad :)
Birthday Doodle for a friend.
Avatar: Aang
Avatar: Zuko
New leaf Pokemon doodle <3 it's soooo cute!!
recolored a character to explore with different brushes in photoshop after getting stuck on layouts for my 2D Production class.
Doctor Who!: 10th Doctor
Christmas present for one of my cousins.
Draw for my cousin's birthday.
Kim Possible!! 
daily doodle 2/22/13
Ron Stoppable 
Daily doodle: 2/23/13
Was trying to draw my own version of Dustfinger from Inkheart series.
Work In Progress doodle.
redrew Elphaba for a warm up. 4/14/13
bioshock infinite doodles 4/14/13
Used an image from Humans of New York tumblr page to wamr up for the day before working on other work.
Another image cartoon doodle from Humans of New York page :) Trying to use those images to push my character designs
my dad's birthday card from last year. Pre-sketch in photoshop.
Most Recent Daily doodle. 12/15/13