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This serie of pieces comes from previous work, a serie of fossilized animals. The natural evolution of my work led me to leave the animals away and work on the bottom, which suddenly takes more volume and protagonism, transforming in its turn in a strange creature ... I guess the memory of my hands gives them an animal presence, although for me they're abstract beings ...

PF1 115x80x80cm
PF2 135x80x90cm
PF5 150x185x15cm
 PF11 67x64x14         PF16 65x64x22cm         PF17 66x63x23cm
PF12 235x260x23cm
PFN2 75x54x40cm
PFN4 52x50x49cm
PFN7 52x42x40cm
PFN8 51x49x42cm
PFN10 58x78x49cm