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    Milk Makeup Art Direction
Milk Makeup

At Milk Makeup, it's not so much about the makeup you're wearing, but rather what you're doing in it that matters. By creating a brand that speaks to something much larger than beauty, Milk Makeup has found a way of communicating to people of all ages, genders and races; people who need on-the-go, high quality, ingredient-conscious products. 

Because the beauty and cosmetics industry is so filled with the same unrelatable ideals, I wanted to be able to use this as a platform for giving people confidence in a way that the industry as a whole is not doing. Makeup is an accessory; a creative tool - not something one needs in order to "be beautiful". (What is beauty anyway?) For this reason, the casting, concepting, design elements and of course the products themselves all work together to create the brand's unique voice and point of view. 

In this most recent work for Milk Makeup, developing interesting typographic treatments and collaging and painting over images of the talent to create artistic abstract creations all tie back to the idea of encouraging self-expression and creativity.

Role Art Director
Client Milk Makeup
Creative Director Georgie Greville
Campaign Photography Collier Schorr
Gen Milk Photography Andrew Boyle
Makeup Frank B. 
Hair Holli Smith
Wardrobe Paul Bui & Thistle Brown
Additional Designer Emily Kapsner