Assorted logos (2007-2012)
Some final, some discarded variants, some nonpaying customers.
Auto title company in New Orleans. 2011.
Los Angeles art gallery; requested something that played to freeway culture of that area. Did not pay. And this was in 2007 when I was charging $50 for a logo. Can you even imagine?
Concept for an animal shelter. I don't remember what happened with this or even where they were based, but they stopped answering my emails. It's a shame; very sweet design, I think. 2007.
This fellow humbly asked for a quick and dirty business card and didn't even want to see a proof. I liked him so I threw him something much more stylish than he really needed. 2012.
Financial consulting firm in Washington, D.C. and New Orleans. 2011.
Logo for an event intended to remind Louisiana state legislators to keep the welfare of New Orleans in mind as a top priority. Featuring our glorious water meter image. 2011.
Judicial campaign logo. 2011.
Chef Alan Ehrich commissioned this logo for his new mobile catering barbecue service, Delta Blue's BBQ, with the request that it draw from two of the most recognized New Orleans aesthetics from recent decades, George Rodrigue's Blue Dog and Dr. Bob's Be Nice or Leave, as well as featuring his precious Catahoula cur, Blue, wonky ears and all.
My favorite of a dozen in-progress designs for Ask for Help Services, an IT agency in Dallas, Texas. 2012.