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I love Sony’s print marketing style for the PlayStation brand. It isn’t afraid to push some buttons. Over the years, its marketing and graphic design teams have developed some awe-inspiring visual pieces. As a huge fan of the Sony PlayStation lineage, I decided to create a mock advertisement for its upcoming handheld.
Design an 8.5x11’’ mock print advertisement for the Sony PlayStation Vita.
I wanted to create something that popped off of the Vita’s beautiful 5-inch OLED screen. Something that expresses the desire I have in the art of photomanipulation to bend realism. The Wipeout 2048 video game’s futuristic racing aesthetic fit that desire perfectly. I used a combination of screenshots from Wipeout 2048 and the PlayStation Network version Wipeout HD, royalty-free stock textures, and Google-plucked high-resolution photographs of the PlayStation Vita, video game box, and the Wipeout 2048 box cover.
*Any logos and imagery used in this project are owned by their respective companies. I am not affiliated with any businesses mentioned in this post. The visuals and any company names in this project were for display purposes only.