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  • Helping promote and preserve the Artistic and Historical heritage of Pernambuco
  • Benfica Cultural Center is located off the University campus, specifically in the neighborhood of Benfica in the district of Magdalena. This unit was established in 2001 as a mansion of the nineteenth century and serves as a space for the launch of books, films, presentation of plays, musical concerts and art exhibitions and courses, seminars and lectures. The building where the Cultural Center Foundation was the Artistic and Historical Heritage of Pernambuco in 1981.┬áConsidered one of the most important cultural centers of Recife, the Cultural Center is home to several institutions Benfica. They are the Theatre Joaquim Cardozo, the Benfica Library, the Institute of Contemporary Art (IAC) and the University Museum Collection, which includes the entire collection of ceramic works of UFPE, including parts of the Master Vitalino Caruaru.

    My contributions to this project were: Information Architecture, Branding and Advertising strategies the Benfica Cultural Center on the Internet.