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    A graduation project at Beckmans College of Design 2016 by Anna Dormer Volgsten.
Sväva på orosmoln is my graduation project at Beckmans College of design. The title is in Swedish and can be translated into something like: Floating on stormy clouds. The project is based on my research and interviews regarding mental health/mental illness and especially: Bipolar disorder. My opinion is that this subject needs more attention even though it isn't easy to talk about. With my project I want to make it easier for people that have no, or very little knowledge about Bipolar disorder to in an easy way read first hand experiences of what it is actually all about. What happens when you are manic, how does it feel to be depressed and how can it be when you get admitted to a psychiatric ward? (Learn Swedish and find out!) 
This book explains first hand experiences and are brief examples of what Bipolar disorder means. Every book is carefully packaged in a colourful box challenging the expression of design when it comes to mental disorders. I hope you like it!

I would like to thank my two sisters for everything they have shared and contributed with to this project. And for being the best sisters I could ever have dreamed of. 

Also a great thanks to: 
Aare, Digaloo, EV Bergqvist, Dana Pack, Kilands Mattor, Max Gustavsson, Frida-My Sundqvist, Victor Rassback, and Ludvig Paulsrud.

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