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    3d printed lamp shades
DENTELLE (3D printed) lampshades by Samuel Bernier
exploration of textures for desktop 3D printers
Thisproject started, with a broken IKEA lamp.
When Imoved in my new apartment, the last owner had left a Rigolit lamp in the middleof the living room. An object that looks like a fishing rod holding a big papercloud. The lampshade was ripped from everywhere and Scotch tape was holding ittogether. This huge volume was always in the way and we kept bumping our headsinto it. One day, I had enough and decided to buy a new lampshade to replacethe paper one. Everything was either too expensive for me or extremelyugly. Also, the closest IKEA was an houraway… by bus. What does a designer do in such a situation? He makes!

A few hourslater, thanks to affordable 3D printing, a unique lampshade was made. Icouldn’t stop there, so I designed 2,3… 12 different ones, using always thesame shape and changing only the color and the texture.

They takebetween 4 and 12 hours to print, use absolutely no support material, weightbetween 50g and 100g and cost 10 times less when printed on an UP! or Makerbot.

Thisproject was an opportunity to explore the limits of low cost Filament DepositManufacturing (FDM). It also was a chance to compare several machines from bothends of the market. I quickly realised that my lampshades would costhundreds of dollars to print on an Objet Connect because of its support settingsand that my desktop printers were actually faster that my school’s 20 000$Stratasys.

I now workfor a digital manufacturing startup called «le FabShop» and we are ready for production.The total kit, including one lampshade of your choice, PLA or ABS, a 2m textilecord with socket, fish and switch. Thelampshades work with E27 lamp socket (with nut) and we recommend using lowconsumption light bulbs to minimise the heat.

Contact mefor prices. samuel@lefabshop.fr