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    Electric forklift
electric forklift 
As for my diploma work, I chose to plan an electric forklift as the world of industrial machineswas always exciting topic for me. In this high –speed and globalised world, the industry hasto give priority to the science og logistics. To satisfy all new requirements, I made a type offorklifts, united more other ones ,and created a new alternative of the present forklifts withsmall-,middle- and heavy-duty or capacity.The planning started to with getting rid of the problems of our prsent used forklifts. I leftout the pedals and steering wheel and applied two joysticks. In this way I increased thefield of vision and the operating board became more ergonomic and the driver can movemore free and easily with the workchair. Also there is much less burden on the driver. Thesuperstructure consists of 3 parts: cabin,frame,counterweight. The overhead guard is shared and Iused the so-called sandwichstructure, which is made u pof hard layer outside and metalfoaminside., so the possible physical effects are absorbed /ceased and the centre of gravity isheld in a low stage in this way. To do away one of the main problems of the forklifts the counterweight can be moved so the stability can be sustainable and the capacity canbe extended. The drive cabin can be lifted up, thanked to the railsystem, which protects thedrivers from too much burden and give more view of the process and the phases of the work.The drive/generator is electric and these days the biggest improvements can be found in thisarea. For example: the lithium-air accumulators.The wheels are made of massive gum,supplemented by lamella system, which absorbes theunevenness of the ground and we can omit the use of the air. The lifting system 3 shared andit can ensure 5 meters to lift up. I left the cylinder Between the two lifting rails outand substituted with two smaller ones in the sake of vision field.