The Magic Fountain, Final Fantasy IX, Square USA, 1999
I created this haunting scene, a clearing with a fountain with healing waters. I created every element in this image, delicately modeling the complex organic forms. This is an unretouched render.

The Evil Forest Swamp, Final Fantasy IX, Square, 1999
I worked with four artists on my team to create this mysterious, complex, and organic set piece.
I created many parts of this image, including the pond, the foreground, and much of the foliage.

Burmecia Town Gate, Final Fantasy IX,  Square, 1999
I created everything in this scene for the main entrance to the region of Burmecia. The architecture here is an interesting blend of Gaudi, science fiction, and Moorish influences. There were many challenging textures to create, such as the flowing tilework and inlaid ceramics. This image is an unretouched render.
Castle Alexandria Roof, Final Fantasy IX, Square, 1998
I created this entire scene. This is a backdrop for the knight character "Steiner" to 
look towards the other tower. Many of the architectural elements, including the castle wall to the left and the tower in the distance are simple forms with highly-detailed texture maps. This image is an unretouched rendering.
Castle Banquet Room, Final Fantasy IX, Square, 1999
This is a banquet room in Castle Alexandria which I created in Alias and Maya. This image is an unretouched rendering.