Hearing Protection Software
Award-winning protection detection
Earplug selector screen with mouseover effect. The selector included all Howard Leight earplug models at the time of creation, and also allowed the user to enter their own non-Howard Leight models.
Honeywell Safety is a world leader in producing best-in-class personal protective equipment. With the earplugs in their Howard Leight brand, they provide hearing protection to thousands of workers in factories and industrial sites every single day. Their huge catalog of earplugs theoretically allows each user to find a product with the proper fit for their ears; however, even the best fitting earplug will not provide maximum protection if it's not seated well within the ear.

VeriPRO, an award-winning system developed by Howard Leight audiologists that tests hearing attenuation and degree of protection being provided by a subject's earplugs, along with instructions on how to correct any placement shortcomings. With the testing technology in place, Howard Leight turned to Catapult Thinking, a Boston-based design consultancy, to help design the UI, which had some interesting design challenges: installed primarily on laptops in industrial settings and used by blue-collar workers, we had to assume a use case of low light, poor technology, and less-technical users, some of whom may have had weak English skills.

As interaction designer on the team, I developed a task map and overall workflow model to guide the user through the multi-step process of testing their hearing protection. Working in conjunction with a graphic designer to apply Howard Leight branding and develop the visual design language for the software, I designed the printed hearing report. I also worked with our technology partner to deliver design assets, and to ensure that our design work was properly implemented.

After the VeriPRO design was approved, Catapult Thinking designed a variety of supporting materials including a promotional website, sales brochure, user guide, and CD booklet.
Additional Product Images 
Set-up screen, immediately before the hearing attenuation test begins. A menu link at the top provides access to a series of short instructional clips on how to properly seat each brand of Howard Leight earplugs.
Results screen, indicating the Personal Attenuation Rating for the user.
A printed Hearing Protection Report, indicating the results of your test, as well as how you stand in relation to industry safety standards.
Process Images
A task map indicating the general workflow and associated functionality for each screen of VeriPRO.
Line-and-block wireframing for the hearing test segment of VeriPRO.