Art direction/Creative direction/Compositing/animation/Overall design: Jossi Afargan
Concept/research/Promo director: Sarah Canning
Edit : Ruane Van Rooyen
Particle simulation/render and liquid splash: Michael Louw
Additional information design :Keegan Moolman.
Production/research Phumla Radebe 
Mix and audio: Greg Canning
Executive Creative Director: Alex Radnitz
Produced by Birthmark.
As part of Birthmarks pitch for the Mzansi Magic new imaging refresh, we created a little teaser to showcase the feel of the direction we were going in and how it would all come together.
The Concept was the elements and how they related to the main genres of the channel. We then extended the concept using the channel CI colour of gold and looked at how gold could be seen in the elements. (Earth being gold veins in the rock, Liquid being liquid gold, Fire being sparks and flames and air being gold dust)
Local movies are warm and there is a feeling of sharing stories around the fire. 
Local Reality, grounded, hard... but with gems of stories and characters shining through. 
Soaps and Dramas: Capricious, ever changing luxurious and decadent.
Another option on the liquid gold
International content: Intriguing exciting and action packed. 
Dynamic information structure based on information hierarchy. This would determine what information was most useful to the viewer and most important to the channel. 
Fonts, condensed sans serif for main info, rounded sans serif for secondary info. 
Navigation areas based on UI/UX would help the viewer get the information they were interested in and make for a more seamless experience with the content as king...The content was not hidden or covered.
New logo, sleek, sexy and the logo mark is centre stage. Colour palate is more refined and luxurious...a premium look for a premium channel.  
Once again content is king...simple understated info. The linework serves to remind the viewer of a timeline based navigation. 
Pop ups would center around the logo IPI to draw attention to the brand and show that they are the ones bringing you the great premiers and awesome content... The animation echoed this by having the pop up come from and return to the logo mark. 
End boards: Genre and information hierarchy work together with the navigation layout to give clear easy to read information to the viewer. 
Emergency info strap...with space for subtitles. 
Social content from the top to mirror the other platforms and create a seamless look from TV to online. 
The only time the center is used, for a break in transmission. 
Credit squeeze backs get the conversation going and throw forward to the next shows. The hashtags send the viewer to discover more content and community online extending the story world of the shows. 
The CI extends across platforms giving a unified feel. 
Thanks for viewing!

Project Made For


We were honoured to be asked to pitch for the re-image of Mzansi Magic, one of the biggest channels in SA. Thanks to the awesome creative team at Read More