Worrell Hydrosecure
Water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink
The primary home UI for the Worrell Hydrosecure. This UI was run on an embedded touchscreen on the front of the refrigerator-sized Hydrosecure machine.
As a freelancer, you have the opportunity to work on any number of unique projects. The Worrell Water Hydrosecure water purification system definitely fell into that category. A refrigerator-sized device with a four-part purification system, the Hydrosecure was designed for installation in secure areas such as hospitals, schools, and government buildings which required a greater degree of security in their water supply, as well as in high-end apartments and rental properties.

Contracted by the industrial design firm of JAM-Proactive, I worked alongside mechanical engineers and industrial designers to craft a user experience for the embedded touchscreen control that was simple and stylish, fitting in with the modern, brushed-aluminium look of the chassis. Since the touchscreen UI would be the "face" of the device, the client wanted it to convey a sense of richness, elegance, and utility. 

As interface designer, I went through several design iterations, moving from paper sketchwork through directional concepts in short order. Once we had selected the "jewel" direction - a Web 2.0-inspired design featuring saturated colors, rounded corners, and "shine" - I produced several variants before settling on the final design in conjunction with the client. From there, I built an interactive prototype in Adobe Flash in order to demonstrate visual design and interaction flow, and delivered it along with design assets.
 Additional Product Images
Static screen image indicating active filtration processes (recirculation and UV sterilization), alarm status on the Menu button, and an alternate graphical view of Today's Water Usage.
On-screen menu from Flash prototype.
The Worrell Hydrosecure in the production shop, with on-screen UI.
Process Images
Initial visual wireframe.
Directional concept, focused on a web-style interface with discrete informational areas.
Directional concept, focused on shiny, brightly-colored, jewel-like UI widgets.
Directional concept, focused on a stylish, dark sci-fi theme.
Preliminary pen sketched of interface concepts.