For Museo San Nicolas, México
This was a fun project, it took too long to start and to get finished but fun none the less. I was contacted by GESTAR Arte y Cultura S.C, an agency in Monterrey, Mexico; that specializes in museum expositions. They were in the process of applying for a government contest to build a museum for children and they needed interactive displays for the children to play and learn. One idea they had was the telescopes for the Space exhibit. So they asked me to design an array of telescopes that would somehow display a star field and information about certain celestial objects.
The ideas behind the project, Targeted at students aged 8-15. Engaging, intuitive, entertaining and educative. Sci-fi looking
Initial concepts were designed as astronaut or alien helmets, the idea was that the kids would immerse in the star field once you placed your head inside, and the helmet would be suspended over a retractable arm, unfortunately, this approach was rejected
The next set of concepts was more down to earth.
This are the proposed bases for the telescopes.
The final design took the concept and brought it to something that could be built in the amount of time and money that the project had. Still some features were left out of the drawings and designed once the telescopes' main bodies were completed
To show the star field, each telescope is fitted with an iPod touch, and each is placed inside this cage.
The finished telescopes at the center of the space exhibit.
The black door allows the employees to access the iPod to turn it on and off and to load the app, it also serves as the base for the eyepiece.