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Witchoria: Make It on Mobile Tutorial/Contest #2

The second installment of our Make It on Mobile tutorial and challenge series features Victoria "Witchoria" Siemer. Check out her galactic Adobe Photoshop Mix tutorial piece below and learn about her process in the Create Magazine. Scroll down to see Porsche Little's winning piece (chosen by Witchoria) and several noteworthy pieces chosen by Create Magazine's managing editor, Charles Purdy. 

“We saw so many fantastic, cosmic entries! As with the first #MakeItonMobileContest, it was very difficult to choose just a handful." says Charles. “These 'editor's picks’ are representative of the awesome creativity we saw, and they really show off the possibilities that Photoshop Mix opens up.”

Witchoria's finished piece
The cosmos—and NASA’s treasure trove of public-domain space images—were the inspiration for this image. “I've always been fascinated with outer space,” says Witchoria, “so it's been a consistent theme in some of my work over the years. I did the initial versions of this ‘space babe’ technique a few years ago with vintage shots that I found in the public domain and mixed with NASA images."

Congratulations to Porsche Little (@kidsarecruel) for her winning piece! See below for Editor's picks and keep an eye out for the next Make It on Mobile challenge. See the Create Magazine landing page for more information.
Winning piece titled "Bathe with me into the Universe" by Porsche Little
Check out the Editor's Picks below. Thank you to everyone who participated!
By Cristian Townsend (@cristiant)
By James Holmes (@litlecheese)
By Jeremy Henthorn (@JeremyHenthorn)
By Denver Leishman (@verden87)
By Elizabeth Williamson (@1izWilliamson)
By Leigh B (@Thriftmomma)
By Still Wil (@djstillwil)
By Dilek (@dilekdable)
By Curtis Castro (@countcurt)
By Christine Talukdar (@c_talukdar)
Stay tuned for our next contest in a few weeks, where you'll learn another artist's process and have the chance to enter your work. Share your creation with us via social media and use the hashtag #MakeItonMobileContest: you may win a prize!
Witchoria: Make It on Mobile Tutorial/Contest #2

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Witchoria: Make It on Mobile Tutorial/Contest #2

Victoria "Witchoria" Siemer continues the Make It on Mobile challenge with a piece depicting her signature cosmic photo style. See who won this m Read More