Lipton HITS
Lipton HITS is the new concept of ice tea: young, extrovert, but still natural. It's 100% energy tea, thanks to the addition of new ingredients such as ginseng and honey, for those who want to keep awake day or/and night with a healthy drink. 
There are three delicious and exotic flavours: lychee & pomegranate, lime & mint, and açai & apple. Three little fruit cartoon characters help to convey these flavours in a funny way. These products can be found in bars, clubs, 24/7 and at the supermaket, but at their own fridge, because it's not catalogable as a simple tea, and it's not an energy drink like the others.
For the publicity, the extreme energy that brings the drink was transmitted through modern zombies who have woke up after drinking it, because there's nothing more full of life than waking up from death. The goal was to get to young people, and zombies are a trend right now. A guerrilla marketing was also done, through big eye stickers like the eyes of the fruit's characters which look flipped out. These stickers can be pasted at big publicity posters at the streets, for example, and can be found inside trend magazines. This is shown at the video it's been posted here.
Finally, it's possible to promote indie bands and organize music events through this brand in order to increase tea consume at any time between young people . Because tea it's not boring thanks to Lipton HITS.
This project was shown to Unilever Spain and received positive feedback