Fata Morgana. 
This term is the Italian translation of the name Morgan le Fay, sister of King Arthur. The Morgan le Fay was called a witch and that she had the ability to create flying objects. But the term is nowadays adopted to describe an optical phenomenon, a miragedue to temperature change. A trick of nature or otherwise playfulness of the atmosphere with the sun’s rays. It has beenobserved, with mild weather days some objects on the horizon, such as islands, take a complex form having a vertical mirrorimage, thus forming a magnificent spectacle, strangely confusing us. This is obviously not due to an unrealistic mechanism ofnature but a scientifically proven phenomenon of interaction between hot air and cold dense air near the ground surface,which acts as a refractive lens, resulting in this phenomenon completely charming.
Nature creates two images of an object. The mother gives birth to two human lives from one ovum.