Lightweight Elegance for Extreme Conditions

"No millionaire´s cash can do away with a short driving season and a dismal roads network..."

Target area for this crossover is Russia, but the extreme conditions present there (e.g. cold, heat, bad roads, noise, pollution and criminality) can occur in a future in any part of the World due to climate change and growing populations.

eXtremes is lightweight, aerodynamic and expressive as a finetuned sportscar providing superior protection and driving capabilities of an off-roader. As a superior insulator I chose to use aerogel, which is more known as an insulator in space shuttles. Aerogel is also combined in the carbonfibre frame to increase stiffness in key areas and to minimize frame torsion without adding extensive weight. 

eXtremes is a 3-seater offering luxurious leg space in the rear and a sports car style experience in the front. When operated by automated drive in city centres passengers are using the spacious yet protected lounge in the rear seats and when driving off-road or just for fun middle seating position for driving in front is used.